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Emily Dickinson Theme of Love

Presentation Emily Dickinsons verse is characterized by editors as sonnets about nature, love, demise, religion and others. Despite the fact that a few pundits recommend that Dickinsons verse ought to be perused sequentially, her sonnets can be perused by their subjects. Since she was the little girl of an evangelist her sonnets are frequently about God and Christianity, and in a portion of her affection sonnets it isn't sure in the event that she is communicating her adoration for a real darling or her spirituality.However, at one purpose of her life the artist quit going to chapel and began mocking Christian convictions. Additionally, Dickinson disconnected herself and underscored her confinement by dressing in white. Her isolation is available as a theme in some affection sonnets. The demise of her dad, and nephew, prompted a flat out confinement and these passings were likely the purpose behind the darker tone in her later poetry.Biographers have attempted to discover the wellspr ing of this energy and power that is found in Emily Dickinsons sonnets yet there is a puzzle with regards to her affection life. They have pondered when and how she encounterd these sweethearts, was the adoration responded and how solid the sentiments were. Dickinson appeared to have a few energetic connections yet she stayed unmarried. She did appearently consistently have a requirement for one close individual who might be her compatriot, who might keep her in contact with the real world and be an inspiraton for her verse .In Emily Dickinsons verse love can cause an exilirating surge of enthusiasm, or leave her with an empty feeling of hardship, now and then she addresses love, contacts different topics, for example, the situation of a lady in a keeps an eye on world, and, for a lady who didn't encounter the world to its fullest, she composed with astonishing observation and feeling love verse which left an imprint throughout the entire existence of writing. I chose to dissect a f ew sonnets wherein Emily Dickinson expounded on adoration from these diverse abandoning focuses. My Life had stood a Loaded Gun  A man centric culture, for example, the one Emily Dickinson lived in, had controlled normal practices and rules. One part of it Dickinson depicted in her sonnet Å"My Life had stood a Loaded Gun . It revolves around a manly figure, a Å"Master  and the speaker, Å"a Loaded Gun . The Å"Master  gives the weapon power and permits it to satisfy its motivation. Consequently, the firearm is there to serve the Å"Master  and secure him consistently. Without a doubt, this sonnet delineates a connection between a definitive and an agreeable person.It is with a romanticized tone that it approachesthe topic of affection and association, one that can undoubtedly be depicted by Shakespeares Å"marriage of genuine minds  depicted in his piece 116. In any case, the last refrain of this sonnet brings this sentimental side of it into question. Pundits guarantee that the entire sonnet is a fancy of the expressive I, simply a confidence that it is through an association of intensity that the ace and the hireling can be brought to their maximum capacity. Å"Though I than He may longer liveHe longer should than I For I have yet the ability to execute, Withoutthe capacity to dieÅ" However, with these lines the writer appears to understand that an actual existence through bondage doesn't bring one satisfaction, yet just its deception. More than once, Dickinson utilizes the articulation Å"Master  to allude to guys in her verse. This can be taken as the method of her time and spot, nineteenth century America alongside the remainder of the world, where men were still idea of as unrivaled and the viewers of all power.With thisin mind, it is nothing unexpected that the object of this sonnet, the weapon, is just taken up by a tracker, and accordingly bound to him until the end of time. The picture of adoration delineated in the sonnet, in which the sole reason for the female the firearm is to serve her darling, is by all accounts an infantile dream of agreeable love. The melodious Is have to be careful her lords head during his rest shows a prototypical picture of a lady whose solitary point is to envelop her man by an agreeable cover of joy, while she disregards her own needs to fulfill him.Furthermore, the lady in this sonnet is externalized much something other than being rendered through a lifeless thing. This can be found in the third and fourth lines of the subsequent refrain, where the poetess depicts how it is to be talking Å"for Him . The incongruity is inconspicuous here, and very much covered, for the superb slant that develops all through the entire sonnet, particularly refrain number four, is sufficiently able to keep in shadow the less prominent highlights. What Dickinson portrays as representing is in certainty being spoken through. As the tracker coordinates the gun and takes shots at what he prefers, so s the lady in a male centric setting controlled, so as to be of the most support of the man. In conditions, the very personality of a lady is to be lowered to the male necessity, and Dickinson figures out how to join it into her verse so extraordinarily well that the analysis is covered by splendid portrayal. A few pundits guarantee that this sonnet communicates Dickinsons dismissal of womanliness through the chasing of the doe. The female deer represents all that is womanly, conversely with the male tracker and the firearm that has disposed of its gender.The question of homosexuality has been concentrated in this specific situation, however it is maybe the dismissal of female qualities for the explanation that an existence of accommodation to a prevailing carnal tracker is esteemed to be nobler than the grasping of ones genuine self. Last, yet not least, this sonnet can likewise speak to the possibility of a lady as an artist, one that has information and force which make her dangerous. Pundit Adr ienne Rich accepts that creation by a lady is animosity, and that it is both Å"the influence to kill  just as being culpable. The association of weapon with the tracker epitomizes the threat of distinguishing and grabbing hold of [the womans] powers, not least that in this manner she hazards characterizing herself and being characterized as forceful, is unwomanly (Å"and now we chase the Doe ), and is possibly deadly.  (Rich) She proceeds with that this sonnet is about the female craftsman of the nineteenth century, particularly as the writer, in contrast to an author, is a lot nearer to their subject. Å"Poetry is an excess of established in the oblivious it presses excessively close against the boundaries of constraint; and the nineteenth-century lady had a lot to subdue. (Rich) Å"She rose to His Requirement dropt  As an essayist who was aware of her time, yet in addition extremely dynamic in social study through her verse, it is nothing unexpected that Emily Dickinson expounde d on the organization of marriage, which for all intents and purposes characterized a womans life. Å"She rose to His Requirement dropt  is a sonnet portraying the possibility of a Victorian marriage in which it is the wifes sole reason in life to fulfill her significant other, with her own needs coming last. The initial two lines of the principal verse unmistakably set the terms on which this marriage is constructed. She rose to His Requirement dropt The Playthings of Her Life  The job of the man is all around spoke to by the gaining by the word Å"His . This can not exclusively be deciphered as regard for the spouse, however it tends to be identified with the sonnet referenced before Å"My Life had stood a Loaded Gun  where the melodious I identifies with her sweetheart as Å"Master . This picture of a spouse as a supreme mainstay of intensity rises above the common capacities of men, and transforms into a God of the family and it is to the necessities and wishes of this Lord a w ife needs to Å"rise .The position of ladies is particularly appeared through the expression Å"dropt The Playthings of Her Life . Not exclusively is a lady expected to go through her time on earth in marriage through subjugation, however she is to be freed of every one of that gives her pleasure. Maybe this sonnet can be deciphered as Dickinsons dread of duty, her being scared of losing her own Å"Plaything  her verse. Å"In considering the resistance of Å"Requirement  and Å"Playthings  (develop obligation versus puerile paltriness), we would do well to recollect how significant play was to Dickinson. For Dickinson the writer, the play of language and creative mind was primary.She accepted that her dads disaster was his failure to play, and she once composed, Å"Blessed be the individuals who play, for theirs is the realm of paradise.  Something in her drew back from grown-up womanhood and made her desire she could stay a kid. In an acclaimed letter to her companion Susan Hunting ton Gilbert Dickinson (who later wedded Emilys sibling, William Austin), she foreseen with a blend of interest and fear the possibility of being devoured by the blasting sun of a spouses requests. Surely, she had plentiful chance to see in her folks marriage an association where the keeps an eye on prerequisites commanded. (Leiter 173) In the second refrain of the sonnet Dickinson tells, unexpectedly, what precisely the taking on of Å"honorable work  costs a spouse. In addition to the fact that she sacrifices her pleasure, yet additionally any possibility of significance Å"Amplitude , the impression of satisfaction Å"Awe  lastly, she forfeits her Å"Gold  which speaks to her childhood and her potential which are currently spent from being utilized for Him. The third, last, verse centers around what is still left of the lady in a marriage. Her actual self her considerations and sentiments remain unmentioned, neglected by the husband.Dickinson utilizes the ocean to outline her poin t. The thoughts and convictions of a spouse are concealed profound inside the unexplored ocean, however they are additionally blended, secured with weeds. A man reserving a mollusk should initially experience the obstruction, for this situation societys impediment of a womans opportunity, so as to get to the fortune that is inside the pearl. At last, the last two lines of the third verse exhibit the solitary situation of an obliged lady. Å"But just to Himself be known The Fathoms they abideÅ" It is just the shellfish, or the lady, who really knows its internal self.Dickinsons sonnet is a method of reprimanding the general public for driving such shamefulness onto a lady. She, be that as it may, picked an alternate lifestyle. Prior the poss

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Entrepreneurship Motivation Among Students Business Essay

Enterprise Motivation Among Students Business Essay The Indian economy was beforehand exceptionally relied upon agribusiness; be that as it may, the present advancement in the mechanical and administration divisions expects business enterprise to likewise parallely advance, along these lines, enterprise in India requires abundant inspiration. Numerous perspectives assume a job in creating enterprise: Instructive foundations help create imperative characteristics like administration and camaraderie, help in the improvement of strategies, and the picking up of budgetary help, other than setting up TBIs and EDCs. Set up organizations can help with temporary position, apprenticeship, and coordinated efforts. Little scope modern affiliations can likewise go about as facilitators in model labs, and articles. It is the perspective on various original business people that going into enterprise requests a great deal of drive and energy. Not exclusively is the business person expected to be motivated by the thought behind the business, yet representative should likewise have sufficient authority potential so as to have the option to assume the liability if there should arise an occurrence of disappointment. Job of instructive foundations: What understudies forces? What is required in a business visionary? Subjective change required to be a business visionary Instructive establishments must consequently make pioneers who are at the same time both great cooperative people, while simultaneously being equipped for practicing outright power over their representatives. In light of this view instructive organizations take dynamic endeavors to support authority abilities through advancement of field-tested strategies, and leading of best chief rivalries. Different group building games are additionally led. The idea of creating serious field-tested strategies adds to the adequacy of the plans, as every understudy would need to better upon the plans of the others. Understudies originate from different foundations, thus those understudies from business families could help understudies from non-business families in the advancement of their marketable strategy. Along these lines even understudies who may not initially have been keen on business might be brought into business because of their association with their marketable strategy. Self-inspiration is a moderate procedure among Indian understudies, as contrast with the adolescent in Western nations, where individuals start work in their teenagers. Being traditionally hazard taking, western social orders don't hope to made sure about employments, and are eager to explore different avenues regarding distinctive business ventures. In India notwithstanding, enterprise is viewed as the safeguard of a couple of genetic business families, who forces the imperative business keenness. Instructive establishments additionally need behind in urging understudies to step into business enterprise as arrangement cells are frequently framed with the sole thought of just landing understudies into stable positions, and a nearly lesser accentuation is laid on the setting up of business enterprise advancement cells. Schools ought to likewise make different strides, for example, the setting up of Entrepreneurship Development cells (EDCs), where individuals are brought in the raise the attention to understudies as respects the checked circumstance budgetary and other purpose accessible. School libraries should likewise be very much supplied in books by prestigious business visionaries, for example, the books of Subroto Bacghi, which careful light on the procedure through which the business visionaries have ascended to the top. The absence of adequate money related assets is another significant obstacle looked by original business people. Universities step in such manner by supporting great business ventures upto a phase when they can remain on their own vibe and are all around grounded. Activity with respect to budgetary organizations, in giving business credits can give a further stimulus to this undertaking. Instructive foundations can assume a job in interfacing those understudies who have great business thoughts, yet need monetary assets with sponsers ready to fund them. Job of surviving undertakings: The idea of temporary position is the core of across the board business in outside nations, and must be proliferated in India moreover. Temporary job must be ardently energized among understudies at the school level itself, as understudies will have the option to experience stretches in different associations, and structure an away from of their advantage and aptitudes. Along these lines, the business astuteness controlled by the said business families can likewise be consumed by the individuals who don't have a place with such families. In this way, the absence of certainty found in understudies, as consequence of deficiency of modern presentation can likewise be relieved. The adequacy of entry level position can be additionally improved by joining it with mechanical visits to a changed assortment of enterprises, so as to augment the extent of the understudies introduction. Intelligent meetings, where understudies get the chance to meet an enormous number of industry pioneers can likewise be supported. Effective businesspeople should likewise approach to take up protã ©gã ©s and disciples who can be prepped to succeed them. Job of business affiliations: Associations like SIPCOT assume a functioning job in the engendering of sound strategies and there by setting up the business. Instructive foundations will benefit by getting effectively associated with such associations so as to encourage the development of their understudies. Understudies can likewise be given a sheltered climate wherein to try different things with the usage of their thoughts if compositions are arrangement by little scope ventures affiliations where understudies can arrangement slows down, and advertise their models to the individuals who stay with the slows down. Mindfulness among instructive establishments has additionally expanded, and numerous schools currently have dynamic Technology Business Incubators (TBIs), which are associated with significant enterprises. These enterprises complete the thoughts advanced upon by the understudies. Understudies are likewise permitted to legitimately connect with the enterprises where their thoughts are actualized and can be head some portion of the usage procedure bearing the understudies better lucidity about the practicality of their thoughts, and mindfulness concerning what and how changes are to be instituted to the thought. Different elements to improve enterprise: Another point to be remembered is that a business need not start huge. A business person can generally start with a little association dependent on a little thought and afterward differentiate into various fields as new and imaginative thoughts come to him. Joint efforts are additionally a smart thought. Start-up business visionaries can start with the little endeavor, as a team with an ale firm, so they can get budgetary help, and mergers are conceivable on account of most dire outcome imaginable. In such manner, parental help has an essential impact as guardians ought to urge their kids to follow their heart and pursue their fantasies, anyway large or little. The legislature can do its part by urging subordinate help to business people from such sources as providers, retailers and merchants. Co-agents can be framed among gatherings of providers, retailers, wholesalers, and representatives, with the goal that they would all be able to progress in the direction of their normal benefit. The administration has additionally these days gotten increasingly liberal in its monetary arrangements, giving more space to business visionaries. Hazard taking is an issue zone for most original business visionaries. Numerous clench hand age business people don't have abundant monetary assets so as to have the option to uncovered the brunt of substantial misfortunes. This circumstance might be facilitated by setting up business based on associations. This, disperses hazard, yet in addition prompts the sharing of thoughts, and as well as can be expected be chosen after detail consideration. Online business is presently bearing new business people new fields, as the speculation on substantial resources in an electronic business is extremely constrained, consequently diminishing the danger of gigantic monetary misfortunes. Training is an extraordinary advantage to understudies as it makes them progressively well-spoken, thus it enables the new-age business people to construct a superior compatibility with clients, who are they life-blood of the associations. Modern preparing foundations framed the perfect environment for inspiring understudies to go into business, as the extent of training at ITIs normally gives the understudies the require specialized expertise, which will enable them to calibrate subtleties at the grassroots level in the undertaking which they arrangement. All in all, India, a nation which has produce business brains like JRD Tata, can possibly create enterprising abilities among its sizable working age populace, which is scheduled to develop from 77.5 Crores in 2008 to 95 Crores in 2026, as indicated by the 2008 - 09 yearly financial plan. Writing Review As per the overall writing, enterprising conduct of any general public is dictated by various components. These are social, character and natural components (Gurol and Atsan, 2006). Social elements or segment factors inspect the individual foundation, family foundation, sex and the early encounters of business visionaries and potential business people, while the ecological factor model ganders at the logical factors, for example, the estimation of riches, charge decrease and roundabout advantages, timing openings in profession process and the effect of economic situation. Character factors, broadly known as attribute model, center around character qualities of business people. Attribute model lays on the suspicion that business visionaries have certain inalienable qualities, qualities and perspectives that give a catalyst to them and recognize them from others. Character Traits and Socio-segment Background Various character attributes, for example, hazard taking penchant, the requirement for accomplishment, and locus of control, have been examined as elements influencing people groups yearnings to begin their own organizations. Requirement for accomplishment McClellands requirement for accomplishment hypothesis (1961) profoundly stressed that requirement for accomplishment is one of the most grounded mental elements impacting pioneering conduct. It is accepted that people with a significant requirement for accomplishment has a str

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4 Powerful Benefits Of Offering Digital Wallets

4 Powerful Benefits Of Offering Digital Wallets Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!4 Powerful Benefits Of Offering Digital WalletsUpdated On 24/09/2016Author : RazaTopic : BusinessShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogBusinesses have more choices when it comes to payment options for their online and offline customers. According to  John Rampton, serial entrepreneur and investor in the payments industry, “We are seeing a real shift in the payments industry based on consumer and business adoption of more cashless payments for online and in-store purchases. It’s opened up more options for consumers and those in business to participate where previously they were unable to while providing merchants and businesses with more ways to attract customers.One of these  new transaction methods  is a digital wallet, which can provide some key advantages for small and mid-sized businesses.Defining the Digital Wallet“A digital wall et is just like it sounds,” notes Chalmers Brown, CTO of eCash, a mobile wallet and digital currency company. “It’s a place to store money or, in this, case financial information like credit card and debit card numbers, site passwords, loyalty cards, and membership cards. This digital payment device replaces a physical wallet with a computer or smartphone so that transactions can occur in a retail store with a smartphone app or online with a desktop app.”Despite technology and these advancements, what has happened is that payment options have become more complex and increased in the number of choices. There are checks, paper money and coins, debit or credit cards and PayPal type services. The choice of which to use is often made right at the point of purchase. However, having a digital wallet for this process can now simplify our lives. The decision on what to use is made once and default payment choices are made for different transactions.After that, we can simply go on and get done with what we need without revisiting this decision, time and time again, at the point of sale. Instead, we scan our finger, swipe or do a PIN pad entry. The digital wallet also keeps track of balances and payments. It’s a system that all types of demographics can learn to love very easily for the convenience and security.Numerous digital wallet providers are available to help your business, including those that add a module to your online store and checkout process. These are also possible to add for point-of-sale transactions by incorporating hardware that contains technology like near-field communication (NFC) technology so you can accept and read digital wallets used by customers in your store.Numerous companies have also made digital wallets available to customers, including Google, Samsung, and Apple. In fact, it was the introduction of these digital wallets that researchers believe is now increasing their use. In a white paper from Mobile Payments Today, entitled, Mobile Wallets 101, statistics included from Blackhawk Network that found that “25 percent of respondents had an?app incorporating mobile wallet capability on their smart- phones. The survey also found that 14 percent of respondents had made a mobile payment from their smartphone?or tablet, and that 18 percent of consumers had used alternative payment methods such as mobile wallets, Apple Pay or Bitcoin. Also, 68 percent of mobile payment users reported that they were using alternative payment methods more in 2015 than last year.READThe Emergence Of The Online Casino IndustryProviding Key BenefitsThere are many reasons to  consider using digital wallets in your small to mid-size business:A digital wallet provides a seamless experience by  simplifying the purchase process  with stored customer payment data.Once the purchase experience is simplified, more customers are likely to continue their shopping and complete their purchases. When the process is long and drawn out, customers o ften abandon their online shopping carts.A digital wallet payment option is a nice addition to the traditional payment choices that may take some time to catch on but that illustrates your willingness to adapt with the times.A digital wallet option for any loyalty program a company uses is instantly improved due to the ease of use and never forgetting the physical card when it’s needed the most. With more customers now likely to use their digital version of their loyalty cards, businesses can get the true value from those programs. GPS location data could even be integrated to further add value for the business and customers with special localized offers and other perks that keep them coming back for more.Remaining ChallengesDespite these benefits and gradual adoption, other surveys show that digital wallets are a low priority for consumers. The same white paper from Mobile Payments Today noted a 2015 Gallup survey that said only 13% of the 17,000 consumers surveyed had a digital wallet on their smartphone.The primary reason that adoption has remained somewhat low with digital wallets has to do with security concerns. The primary concerns were hackers or what might happen to their digital wallets and the critical data within them if they lost their smartphone or had them stolen. Many respondents also noted that they did not know enough about digital wallets to make a decision on whether or not to have one.The other main challenge with digital wallets is getting more merchants to accept them. Since it involves a change in equipment, many merchants have hesitated either due to the investment or the same lack of knowledge about the real value of accepting digital wallets from their customers for transactions.While these challenges remain, they are slowly being addressed by the wave of digital wallet technology and options by recognized brands like Visa and PayPal. These brands are taking the time to provide information on security and benefits to further convin ce consumers and businesses that this type of cashless future will be more convenient and safer than carrying a pocket full of plastic cards.

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Ancient Babylonia - 1189 Words

When studying Ancient Babylonia it is notably important to look at these factors: daily life, religion, people, society, government and economy so we can determine the development of the civilization and how it is similar to the way we live today. The Babylonian Empire is unique because their government was run by a law known as the Code of Hammurabi similarly are government is run by numerous laws. Their knowledge of science and astrology is intriguing due to the fact that they were the first civilization to form the basis of the sixteen month of thirty days calendar, their discovery of the calendar lend us to the calendars we have today. In addition to government, science and astrology their economy was very modern and played an immense†¦show more content†¦They also had a list of magical stones to develop their knowledge of mineralogy. Map mating was a very known science to the Babylonians most of them were experienced in it which made them more aware of there surrounding . Babylonians drew maps of local areas such as field plans, estates plans, grounds plants of temples and houses as well as maps of more distant regions such as larger areas: districts and towns. Their maps were drawn mostly in straight lines, with little attention to scale, angles and orientation. Most of the sciences they began to study and explore are the same sciences that we are going into today. The Babylonians have built the foundation for us and we used that and are building the rest. brbrMathematics was just as important to the Babylonian as it is to us. They however calculated things entirely different from us. A prime example of this is their number system which had two disadvantages: (1) it was confusing and, therefore, not used in many daily economic activities (2) there was no special sign for zero, to separate the different units, so they would leave two blank spaces for zero or by using a special sign that indicated a space between two words. Babylonian mathematicians developed a mastery of algebraic skill, even though there was no graphic symbol for the unknown. Instead they invented a method called false value. Babylonians alsoShow MoreRelatedThe Code Of Hammurabi Code896 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1750 B.C. a new king of babylonia arose by the name of Hammurabi. He continued his reign up until 1792 B.C. but most importantly his reign did not go unforgotten. During his reign he was in charge of giving punishments to the wrongdoings of his citizens. As he conquered other cities and his empire grew he saw the need to unify groups he controlled, he was concerned about keeping order in his kingdom. In order to achieve this goal, he needed one universal set of laws for all the people he conqueredRead MoreEssay on The History of Babylonian Mathematics1569 Words   |  7 PagesThe History of Babylonian Mathematics The history of ancient Babylonia is really long, but this essay is a short and to the point summery of the entire history. The history of Babylonia started near the end of the year 2000 BC, when invaders were attacking the Sumer kingdom. Sumer was a powerful kingdom in the western part of Asia, and it some what occupied what would become Babylonia. After the kingdom of Sumer was destroyed the city-states of Larsa and Isin came into settle on the landRead MoreBabylonians and the Contributions to Math1605 Words   |  7 PagesEssay #1: History The history of ancient Babylonia is really long, but this essay is a short and to the point summery of the entire history. The history of Babylonia started near the end of the year 2000 BC, when invaders were attacking the Sumer kingdom. Sumer was a powerful kingdom in the western part of Asia, and it some what occupied what would become Babylonia. After the kingdom of Sumer was destroyed the city-states of Larsa and Isin came into settle on the land once occupied by Sumer. ThisRead MoreBabylon As A Great Civilization1473 Words   |  6 PagesBabylon was a great civilization which at one time could have ruled the world. The name Babylon means â€Å"Gate of God†. Babylon was located in an ancient region surrounded by the Tigris and Euphrates River. This great civilization first initiated around 3500 BC and began to crumble after the year 323 BC. The Babylon culture was successful because of the advanced citizens, cultural cities, their technology, and legal systems. Babylon w as home to 10,000 to 40,000 Babylonians. This paper will talk aboutRead MoreThe Death Of A Man1058 Words   |  5 Pageshe offered laws that helped balance fairness to each class. Gender clearly had a role in the society as shown in the Hammurabi Code. Unfortunately, during this time, Women were considered inferior and needed the society to help guide them. In the ancient world, women were expected just marry and give birth to children so that population remains in control. Other than that, women were considered properties. This law shows that to be consider a wife, the women must have sexual intercourse with a manRead MoreLaws and Rituals throughout History Began with the Code of Hammurabi1361 Words   |  6 Pagesor poorly maintained irrigation ducts. Laws play a major role in the expansion of a nation. Justice is the upholding of those laws from an impartial standpoint. King Hammurabi managed to organize one of the first best preserved set of laws from ancient Babylonian times. The Code of Hammurabi was recorded on clay tablets standing eight feet high and written in cuneiform. The laws consisted of 282 provisions arranged under a variety of subjects ranging from family and personal property to tradeRead MoreComparison of Mesopotamia and the Indus Civilization2695 Words   |  11 PagesMesopotamia, also known as, the land between the rivers, was named for the triangular area between the Tigris and the Euphrates river, (Nov. 7 lecture). In recent use, it covers a broader area referring to most of what is now Iraq. This adds ancient Assyria and Babylonia to the scope of Mesopotamia (Schultz and Lavenda 1995:310). Parts of Mesopotamia were not inhabited at all until approximately 8000 BC when plants and animals were domesticate d, bringing about an agricultural revolution. This allowed nomadsRead MoreComparison and contrast of Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley1508 Words   |  7 Pagesearliest civilizations in the world. Mesopotamia, also known as, the land between the rivers, was named for the triangular area between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. This area has been extended and now covers modern day Iraq, adding ancient Assyria and Babylonia to that land. The Indus civilization is often referred to as the Harappan civilization from the first city discovered called Harappa. The Indus civilization existed in the vast river plains of what are now Pakistan and northwestern IndiaRead More2. Language . The Tower Of Babel Is Symbolic Of The Fundamental1861 Words   |  8 Pagesonly preserve unity if that is God’s plan. Even this looming, powerful structure pales in comparison to the greatness that God can accomplish, i.e. Humans can never reach the awesomeness and power of God. 3. Author Genesis is composed of three ancient sources, J (Yahwist), E (Elohist) and P (Priestly) (Interpreter’s Concise Commentary, 3). Out of the sources, J is thought to be oldest, originating around 950 B.C., E originating in 750 B.C. and P in 539 B.C. (ICC, 3). J is noted for its connectionRead MoreThe Code of Hammurabi Essay1110 Words   |  5 Pagespenalties rather than the laws themselves. Laws play a major role in the expansion of a nation. Justice is the upholding of those laws from an impartial standpoint. King Hammurabi managed to organize one of the first best preserved set of laws from ancient Babylonian times. The Code of Hammurabi was recorded on clay tablets standing eight feet high. The laws consisted of 282 provisions arranged under a variety of subjects ranging from family and personal property to trade and business. These laws

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Some Good Open Questions For Seeking Feedback

Some good ‘open’ questions for seeking feedback are: ï  ¶ Were you happy with last action taken? ï  ¶ What you did not like? ï  ¶ What was the best part last time? ï  ¶ How do you think I could handle this better 3.4 Management performance is regularly reviewed against standards for the job One of the last steps of supervising management of the organisation is to review management performance against predetermined standards. Performance review comprises creating and agreeing on performance standards, comparing performance against these standards and taking appropriate action. Performance standards should be objective, measurable, realistic, and stated clearly. The standards should be written in such a way that will be used to assess performance.†¦show more content†¦How to review the performance? Following methods may be used to review the performance: Informal discussions The review process can be different for different circumstances. An informal approach may be where you regularly meet with your staff to give and receive feedback, provide advice and guidance, agree on priorities, and discuss day-to-day issues. Formal performance reviews Formal performance review usually involves more organised meetings, where short and long-term objectives and priorities are set, educational and improvement needs are determined, and performance issues are discussed. Outcomes of these more formal meetings and the associated outcomes are usually documented and reviewed by participants on a regular basis. Modern performance review systems focus on two-way dialogue, goal setting, employee development and regular consistent performance discussions. Some other methods, which also may be used to review the performance, could include: ï  ¶ Assessment against performance outcomes ï  ¶ Independent assessment ï  ¶ Interview As an organisation develops, the performance management issues become more complicated and a well-structured performance review is required. ï  ¶ Revising organisational goals and objectives ï  ¶ Determining individual performance goals and objectives in line with organisational goals and objectives ï  ¶ Consulting with staff and including them in the development phase ï  ¶ Establishing the purpose

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The Formal Operational Thought Capacity Of Aa Mooney

This case study was undertaken to measure the formal operational thought capacity of AA Mooney (Not his real name). This participant is a twelve year old African American male in the seventh grade who attends middle school in Macon Georgia, but he is originally from Los Angles California. This case study is on the A B honor roll and plays football for his school. His parents are both educated and they are both in the home and are part of the middle socioeconomic class. This case study has one male sibling who is one year younger. Throughout his free time, mostly on weekends or after school, the participant enjoys playing a variety of video games on his play station, and shooting hoops in his backyard with his brother. Generally, my case†¦show more content†¦Unfortunately, not every adolescent develops into this stage â€Å"The stage of formal operations involves the development of hypothetical-deductive reasoning which is the capacity to think scientifically and apply the a ccuracy of scientific methods to cognitive task (Inhelder and Piaget, 1958).† Abstract thought, metacognition, meaning, thinking about thinking, and problem solving are the higher order thinking skills that appear in the formal operational stage. In this particular stage, the individual learns to develop assumptions that are not often grounded in actuality, such as hypothetical-deductive reasoning. Adolescents at this point in their development are moving from inductive to deductive reasoning. â€Å"Piaget and his colleagues developed an experiment called the â€Å"pendulum problem† with which they wanted to assess whether individuals had reached the formal operational stage. Classically, he had children balance a scale using different types of weights (Inhelder and Piaget, 1958).† It is only in early adolescence could children understand the connection between space or distance from the center of the scale and the mass of the weights. This method involves a leng th of string and a set of weights. AA was asked to take into consideration three factors; the length of the string, the heaviness of the weight, and the power of push. The assignment was to work out which factor was most important in defining the speed of swing of the pendulum. AA was able to change theShow MoreRelatedFormal Operations Synopsis. This Case Study Was Undertaken1339 Words   |  6 PagesFormal Operations Synopsis This case study was undertaken to measure the formal operational thought capacity of AA Mooney (Not his real name). This participant is a twelve year old African American male in the seventh grade who attends middle school in Macon Georgia, but he is originally from Los Angles California. This subject is on the A B honor roll and plays football for his school. His parents are both educated and they are both in the home and are part of the middle socioeconomic class. This

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Australian Banking Sector An Oligopolistic Market †Free Samples

Question: Discuss About The Australian Banking Sector An Oligopolistic Market? Answer: Introduction: In economics, the term market signifies a place of interaction for the two types of economic agents, the buyers and the sellers. In other words, a market is the place where the demand and the supply forces, in terms of their inter-dynamics, determine the price and quantity aspects of a particular commodity or service. Type of market prevailing for a product, depends on factors like number of buyers and sellers, the entry exit conditions for economic agents, market power dynamics and others[1]. Based on these influencing factors, markets can be competitive (perfectly competitive being the hypothetical extreme) of imperfectly competitive, like monopoly, monopolistic competition and oligopoly (monopoly being the opposite of perfect competition). The assignment tries to analyze the type of market structure prevailing in the Australian banking industry. For research purposes it takes the article named, Flush and Dominant, Australias Banks Come Under Pressure, written by A. Odysseus Patric k, as reference[2] Storys Essence: The article finds that the Australian banking market, four major players in the supply side categorically rule though having many players, both in the supply side and the demand side. In fact, these four politically supported and immensely influential banks majorly shadow all other banks. These four players are the Westpac Bank, the Commonwealth Bank, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group and the Australias National Bank. Among them, two banks, the Westpac Corporation and the Commonwealth Bank, especially its CommInsure wing, are worthy of special mention when it comes to the consolidation of market power in the hands of the players in the Australian banking industry[3]. The high concentration of the market power in the hands of these four big banks in the Australian banking market, indicates the presence of a clear oligopolistic structure in the concerned market. These players have been enjoying tremendous control over the banking sector and its pricing and other decisions for a long time and this, according to the article, has given rise to many unfavorable and unfair issues, specially affecting those on the demand side[4]. The four banks tend to work apparently in a cartel construct in the recent times and do pose as a credible threat to the distribution of market power as they have the potential to join hands together and work as a collusive monopolistic unit in the market. The article puts forward the negative side of this oligopolistic construct in the banking industry of the country. Due to the presence of immense market power and substantial political support, most of these big players have been found to misuse their power to fulfill their vested interest of personal profit maximization even if that comes at the costs of sufferings of their clientele[5]. The article puts forward as an example of this misusing of power, the instances of CommInsure, where the unit avoided claims of insurances by deleting medical evidences, unfairly influencing the doctors and other fraudulent activities. Other banks like the Westpac, has also evidences of manipulating their interest rates and claims design according to situations, to benefit monetarily, putting their customers in financial crisis. The banks have also behaved strikingly rudely and unfairly with terminally ill people to get away without paying their medical claims as were previously promised by the banks[6]. All these have given rise to tremendous dissatisfaction among the demand side agents and has become a primary concern of the government of the country as customers are losing confidence over the banking sector of Australia. The government has undertaken several strict vigilance reforms, regulations and punishing steps, while many more reforms are required to bring back the welfare quotient and confidence of the customers on this concerned industry[7]. Economic Analysis of the Situation: The oligopoly market can be distinguished with the help of its inherent characteristic of many buyers and a few sellers, the sellers experiencing strategic interdependence on each other. This implies the strategies and outcomes of one seller in this market highly depend on the decisions of his fellow sellers. The market can have two outcomes: depending upon the situation there can be a price war or there can be formation of a collusive agreement among the participating sellers[8]. Figure 1 : Oligopoly Market (Source: As created by Author) Due to the presence of the kinked demand curve in the oligopolistic, which is in turn a result of non-identical and varying price elasticity, there arises a gap between the cost levels of production and the price charged by the firm for their products. The firms, being only a few, enjoy this advantageous position over the buyers, who, being many in number, creates substantial demand for the product, thereby helping the firm to charge a higher price for their product than that would have been charged in the competitive situation. The outcome becomes even more favorable for the sellers if they come to a cartel agreement, thereby ruling out price wars among them. Together they enjoy higher profits and higher market power provided they do not cheat, which is inherent characteristic of an oligopolistic cartel. The current situation of the Australian banking market can be indentified with this construct[9]. However, if the firms join hands to become a monopolistic working together, their cost and price gap can increase even more as is shown in the diagram below: Figure 2: Long run in the Monopoly Market (Source: As created by the author) In the monopoly market, due to the presence of the aggravated cost-price gap, in the long run also the firm enjoys economic profit. This can be a potential threat for the buyers in the banking market of Australia if the four big player join hands for a monopolistic construct. Recommendations: To rule out the problems faced by the consumers in the Australian banking industry and to prevent any other future threats of consolidation and misuse of market power to substantial extent by any of the participating agents, a stricter and regulatory environment has to be set up by the governing authorities of the country. This should incorporate unbiased vigilance and actions in case of defaulting by any of the players. New players should also be encouraged and provided with sufficient securities in face of the competition they will face from the big ones[10]. Conclusion: In presence of market imperfections and asymmetric information structure, the party with lack of information is bound to suffer. This makes free market condition more desirable. However, in absence of free markets, proper reform, regulations, restrictions and unbiased governance of a market can help in proper distribution of market power and welfare of the participating agents, thereby making the market more equitable. The Australian banking industry can also incorporate the above mentioned reforms to make the situation better for the buyer group. References Allen, David E., and Robert Powell. "The fluctuating default risk of Australian banks."Australian Journal of Management37.2 (2012): 297-325. Feng, Yuan, Baochun Li, and Bo Li. 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"Price competition in an oligopoly market with multiple iaas cloud providers."IEEE Transactions on Computers63.1 (2014): 59-73.